Spring time. A time to grow!

Posted by Jarrod Jones on 3/5/2020 3:30:00 PM

Spring is my favorite season. Mainly because it marks the end of cold weather (or at least that’s the idea), and the breaking of warmer, crisp weather. It’s also a time when flowers start blooming and colors begin emerging. There’s something poetic about seasons, and I especially enjoy the opportunities to bask in the blue skies, yellow flowers, and the big, bright golden sun.

And of course, spring marks times of a good amount of rain. Those days are not as beautiful as bright sunny days, however, rain is vitally important to the vitality of nature. Nature depends on the rain just as much as it depends on the sun. Every living being has a dire need for sunlight and water, either directly or indirectly. Nothing can live, flourish, or thrive without them. They work hand-in-hand with one another. Plants and flowers need the sun to provide energy to power the process of photosynthesis. Trees need water to replenish the world with oxygen and to cool their own leaves which helps move nutrients up the trees. This is also needed for photosynthesis.

I look at the sunshine and the rain in a similar way that I look at reading and writing. Reading and writing are both needed for minds to grow rich. 

It’s difficult to be an efficient writer without being a proficient reader. Being a proficient reader means that one can not only understand what they are reading but they also know when they are not comprehending the text. Proficient readers can classify and analyze the purpose of reading a particular text. Proficient readers are able to recognize what they are thinking and why they are thinking about what they are thinking.

When a reader is aware of their own awareness, they are able to grow as thinkers, and as a result, can grow as readers and writers. Just as the sun and rain help nature grow naturally, reading and writing help us grow and become better readers and writers. It sounds redundant, but it isn’t. It’s a reciprocal cycle that must flow just as nature flows and lives from the sun and rain.

Spring is the season of new beginnings. Spring is a perfect time to grow and learn more. Spring is the perfect time to sit outside on a sunny day and enjoy a good book. Or sit inside on a rainy day and write something meaningful. And let the thoughts that you develop become something that helps bring lovely things to your atmosphere and even into the hearts and minds of others.