May We Speak?

Posted by Jarrod Jones on 5/17/2019

For the month of May, as we close out the school year, a couple students will contribute to the final blog. This was an entirely voluntarily venture. It's always good to see how students have grown over their 7th grade school year, and there's no better way than to hear it directly from them. I hope you enjoy...

My Year in Seventh grade has been great. I´ve learned about Dystopian books. I´ve read more books this year than any other year of my life. In ELA  I've done an Argumentive unit and learned how to do Argument writing. In Science, I´ve learned about the weather and how the body works. I´ve even gone on a heart dissection field trip. In Social Studies I´ve learned about Medieval times and a lot about trade and the production of goods. In ELA, I´ve made many responses to stories or audios of books and wrote down my thoughts on it. I've also learned much more about the form and structure of my writing. Like when I'm writing a story or quick write, my form and structure are a lot better. I've also learned about imagery and what imagery is. Also, I learned about poetry and even author’s craft and how to spot it in a story. Also, how to spot a theme in a story and also different types of themes. I now know Academic language for writing about reading like how the bad guy in a story can also be called the Antagonist of a story. I have also written more than I ever have this year with so many jots and paragraphs. That is how my seventh-grade year has gone.

~ Braeden L.

ELA this year was definitely my favorite ELA year. We had many activities and games we played, for example, the sentence game. We got to have a ton of reading time alone, and with our reading groups. More importantly, I learned many tips on my writing and reading. My use of punctuation and spelling have 100% gotten much better, and my reading skills have been boosted. If you like reading, there is a lot of just reading time and some days that's all we do, just read. Many students get to sit in fun chairs and/or use pillows. Overall, the classroom is a great reading environment and it was just very fun.

~ Jacob "Jack" V.