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Prop S updates

1/25/2024 - At tonight's Webster Groves School District Board of Education meeting, Chief Financial/Operating Officer Pam Frazier and Construction Project Manager Rob Steuber provided an update on Prop S projects in the Webster Groves School District, including:

Boiler Replacement Package:

  • New boiler systems have been successfully installed and are operational at Clark, Edgar Road, and Hudson throughout the recent winter months.
  • The testing and balancing of systems at Clark and Edgar Roads were successfully completed over the winter break.

Rooftop Replacement Package:

  • Hudson Elementary is scheduled to receive new rooftop units over spring break. The project will conclude after the installation of system components, followed by testing and balancing.
  • The replacement of end-of-life rooftop units at Givens, Ambrose, Central Office, and the Service Center is underway.
  • Project design is in its final stages, with considerations for the ultimate budget currently under review.

Door Package:

  • The contract for the door package for Clark, Edgar Road, Ambrose Family Center, and Givens Elementary was awarded in December.
  • Frame preparation for Clark and Edgar was successfully completed over the winter break.
  • The installation of doors at Clark and Edgar needs to be completed by April to meet grant requirements. Doors for Ambrose and Givens will be addressed over the summer break.

High School Auditorium Project:

  • The Knight Auditorium package has opened for bidding.
  • This project will focus on the complete replacement of rigging, audiovisual systems, lighting, and emergency life safety upgrades.

Hixson 2-Story Wing Window Package:

  • The Hixson 2-Story Wing Window Replacement Package was awarded in December.
  • A Window Demo/Abatement Package is currently under consideration by the Board at the BOE meeting scheduled for 1/25/24.
  • The work is scheduled to begin immediately after the summer recess begins and will be completed by August 1.

Kopplin Field:

  • The complete turf area preparation is finished and ready for turf installation.
  • All utilities, including the scoreboard, have been completed.
  • All fence poles have been installed, and fabric will be added after the turf installation is complete.
  • Both bullpen and batting cages are complete.
  • Turf material is ready for delivery, pending improved weather conditions.

Moss Field:

  • Developments include the completion of the east property drive lane.
  • Footings and foundations for various structures such as the press box, ADA access walkway, and stadium walls are complete or nearing completion.
  • Playing field excavation has begun, along with the installation of the underground field drainage system.
  • The masonry contractor has mobilized and will begin work with improved weather conditions.
  • The MAWC water main extension is awaited at the North Drive and Colebrook intersection.

Frick Theater - Donor and District Funded:

  • The exterior masonry of the Frick Theater is nearing completion.
  • Interior finishes, including Terrazzo flooring, architectural wall panels, overhead drywall soffits, and interior bathroom wall tiles, are currently underway.
  • Doorway and window openings have been prepared for the delivery and installation of wood-clad doors and windows.
  • Ongoing electrical and low-voltage work will continue into February.