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State releases annual performance report

1/5/2024 - The Annual Performance Report (APR) for Missouri schools was recently released and Webster Groves School District earned 86.1%. APRs demonstrate the progress our district makes towards meeting the Standards and Indicators in the sixth version of the Missouri School Improvement Program (MSIP 6).

The APR measures areas of academic achievement growth for students in math and English language arts, as well as graduation rates, and operations. The data this year can only be compared to 2022 and not previous APRs released under MSIP 5.

The APR is one of many data points Webster Groves School District uses to measure student growth and achievement. Other notable methods we use to measure student growth and achievement include:

  • 64% students are proficient/advanced in ELA testing compared to 43.5% state average.
  • 65.3% students are proficient/advanced in Math testing compared to 40.4% state average.
  • 63.3% students are proficient/advanced in Science testing compared to 39% state average.
  • 59.7% students are proficient/advanced in Social Studies testing compared to 39.2% state average.
  • The district’s four-year graduation rate continues to climb, reaching 97.2% in 2023, the highest in over 10 years.
  • 90.9% of graduates take the ACT vs the state average of 65.7%.
  • Increase in overall AP, Dual Credit, and Dual Enrollment scores.

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