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Public comments at school board meetings

7/31/2023 - 

Beginning with the board meeting on August 3, individuals who wish to provide public comment at Webster Groves School District board of education meetings can do so by signing up prior the the beginning of the meeting.

A signup will be made available on the table at the entrance of the meeting space. The sign up sheet will be collected at the start of the meeting and given to the board president. During the in-person public comments portion of the meeting, the board president will call upon each individual in the order listed. Only individuals who signup will be called upon to speak.

As a reminder, the following guidelines apply to the public comments:

  • The period of time set aside for public comment shall not exceed one-half hour.
  • Any non-board members wishing to speak at a meeting must register their desire to do so and the board agenda topic to which they will present  with the secretary to the board before the meeting is called to order 
  • No individual will be permitted to speak more than once during this period.
  • The board establishes a uniform time limit of three minutes for each speaker.
  • During the time designated for public comment, board members cannot directly respond.
  • All speakers must provide their name and address prior to speaking.
  • If there is insufficient time for everyone to speak, the board will encourage participants to submit their questions in writing.
  • The board requires that comments be respectful of all individuals and points of view. Furthermore, the board objects to public comments and actions that disrupt the normal business of the board.

The board policy on public comments can be viewed here.