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District adopts new strategic plan

The board of education recently approved WGSD's 2023-26 strategic plan. The process culminated in the winter of 2023 with the development of a three-year strategic plan.

The strategic planning committee was composed of students, staff, family members and community members who met to ensure the district's purpose, principles and priorities remain relevant for students and their lives after graduation.

To be the best school system WGSD can be, it is critically important that students' educational experience aligns with the diverse and dynamic world in which they now and will one day live in and lead.

The new strategic plan is built around four goals:

1. Excellent Teaching and Learning
2. Pathways to Self-Discovery
3. Personal Health and Wellness
3. Organizational Sustainability and Growth

The results of this process guide the steps and strategies district leaders take in support of creating such a learning environment for all students from preschool through 12th grade.

Learn more about the strategic plan here.