• Sirius News and Updates 10/14-10/18

    Posted by Bridget Finocchiaro on 10/14/2019 4:00:00 PM

    Team News: 

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     American History: This week in American History we will be learning how to properly take notes and using them to create comic books. Students will create comics using storyboard.com and will reflect their knowledge of how the U.S. Government responded to Native Americans in the west. Comics will be completed in-class and due this Friday should they need to finish up at home.

    ELA:   We began our first Reading Workshop unit, A Deep Study of Character.  In this unit, students read self-selected novels while paying close attention to character development, the impact of setting on character development, and theme.  During our study, students will develop their thinking through small group work, book conferences, and notebook pages. 

    Math: On Friday, we wrap up our Geometry work with a Unit Test. Students should have a list of targets in their notebooks which states what students are expected to know. Tomorrow, students will receive a study guide that lists our goals and has many practice problems. Wednesday's class time will be devoted to student work on these problems. 

    Extensions! As we review, there are students who are already today confident about our targets. If your child is feeling this way, please encourage your child to a) use the sample answers on Wednesday as a guide to improve the quality of their own work and b) definitely work through the extension ideas that will be the last page of the study guide.

    Science: We are exploring interactions between the biotic and abiotic factors in ecosystems.  This unit has a significant amount of new vocabulary to learn that we will use over the next several months, so it is important to learn it well.  The kids have a list of words in their logs, and we are discovering new definitions daily.  In class this week, the kids will do vocab work, participate in a whole group simulation, and spend some time outdoors looking for interactions on our beautiful campus ecosystems (prarie, pollinator garden, lawn, and creek).  They have a homework assignment due on Friday.

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