Special School District

  • At the Ambrose Family Center, we believe that every child is curious and playful by nature. Central to this belief is a commitment that all children deserve the right to learn in an environment that supports his or her unique needs. These beliefs have driven the development of the Ambrose Family Center's philosophy on the provision of services to children with special rights through developmentally rich experiences.

    The Ambrose Family Center Preschool has a long standing partnership with Special School District in order to fully support special education services for our children. Our preschool embraces inclusive education and is committed to fostering community and belonging by having children with a wide range of unique abilities represented in each classroom. Children with special rights are enrolled in all of our classrooms. Our Half Day classrooms are team-taught with one early childhood special education teacher and one early childhood general education, with the exception of two classrooms where there are no general education teachers. Our Full Day classrooms, with two general education teachers, support special education rights and welcome therapists and paraprofessional staff to provide additional supports as deemed necessary. Specialists include, but are not limited to, occupational therapist, speech and language pathologist, physical therapist, ABA therapist, mental health consultant and vision impaired/orientation and mobility instructor.

    For more information regarding eligibility for Special School District services or to schedule a screening for your child, please contact Chris Steger, Lead Parent Educator.

Head Start

  • The Ambrose Family Center Preschool is proudly partnered with the YWCA Head Start program in order to provide quality preschool opportunities for families who qualify. The center continuously strives to create a welcoming  and inclusive environment (opportunities) for all families who seek to enroll in our programming regardless of income, race, education, family structure, nationality or abilities. General information regarding YWCA Head Start can be found their website. To apply for the Head Start program at the Ambrose Family Center Preschool or for more information regarding the Head Start program at the preschool, please contact our social worker, Angie Spatola, either at 314-963-6440 or by email.

Parent Education (PAT)

  • We know that families sometimes have questions about their child's development. Being a parent doesn't come with a "how-to" guide. While we know there is a lot of information available through the internet and books, it may be helpful to have an opportunity to ask an experienced professional specific questions or discuss concerns confidentially. Parenting educators working for our Parents As Teachers ℗T) program provide families with resources and referral information through individual appointments, Parent Cafes and partnerships with Special School District and the St. Louis Diaper Bank. The PAT program also provides developmental screenings to families at no charge. Please visit the PAT website for more information on the program or contact Chris Steger, Lead Parent Educator, either at 314-963-6440 (ext. 5) or by email to schedule an appointment or screening.