Oh No! 99!

  • Oh No! 99!
    From Marilyn Burns www.marilynburnsmathblog.com/oh-no-99/

    2-4 players
    1 Regular Deck of Cards - remove the jokers
    Paper and Pencil for each Player
    Card Values table for beginners

    • One player shuffles the cards and deals four cards to each player.
    • The undealt cards remain in a stack, face down.
    • Players take turns playing one card at a time, adding or subtracting the value of their card to the total group score.
      • Students keep track of the total group score on paper or using a 100 chart.
    • Each time a player plays a card, he or she must replace it with the top card on the face-down stack.
    • Players are out of the game if their cards would force the total group score to go over 99.
    • The last player left in the game wins!

    Card Values
    A-10: Add their face Value
    Jack: Minus 10
    Queen: Wild Card! Can represent any other card in the deck
    King: Add 0