• Donte

    "[Camp Wyman] kids teach us more than we teach them."

    -Donte M.


Passion Pursuit

  • Passion pursuits include summer mini-courses, Camp Wyman, SpeakUp!, or any other idea that sparks your curiosity. If you tinker, sing, code, draw, climb, or dream about pursuing your passion while also earning high school credit, connect with the Chelsea Center to learn how! 

    Get Involved!


  • Career Exploration  Service Learning Passion Pursuit Travel

    Webster Groves High School students who engage in experiential learning (ExL) through the Chelsea Detrick Experiential Learning Center make meaning and create knowledge through direct experience.  By providing students with the opportunity to wonder, design, tinker, collaborate, adapt, and communicate, experiential learning prepares students for the excitement and challenges of their current and future lives.  

    The Chelsea Center engages students in practicing these skills while also providing support for reflection on their personal, social and emotional growth.