• Rachel

    "[The business owner] told my boss that she thought what I was doing for him was really great, and even asked if I could possibly run her social media for her as well!  It was nice to know that what I do is noticed and also liked by others in the professional field."

    -Rachel F., reflecting on her internship experience with Farmer's Insurance


Career Exploration

  • Wondering what the career of your dreams is really like?  Connect with the Chelsea Center to explore a day in the life of that career through job shadowing.  

    For more in-depth explorations, consider internships or personal employment with the Chelsea Center. Through internships and personal employment you can earn academic credit, gain first-hand knowledge of the workplace and hone your professional skills to build your confidence and to put you a step ahead of other high school graduates. 

    Expand your network and earn high school credit, too!

    Get Involved!


  • Career Exploration  Service Learning Passion Pursuit Travel

    Webster Groves High School students who engage in experiential learning (ExL) through the Chelsea Detrick Experiential Learning Center make meaning and create knowledge through direct experience.  By providing students with the opportunity to wonder, design, tinker, collaborate, adapt, and communicate, experiential learning prepares students for the excitement and challenges of their current and future lives.  

    The Chelsea Center engages students in practicing these skills while also providing support for reflection on their personal, social and emotional growth.