Mission and Vision

  • Mission
    The iDEA mission is to provide learning opportunities for all members of the Webster Groves School District in order to have a positive impact on student learning. 

    Historically, professional development focused on the global district-level programs offered to individual teachers. The current plan, linking the teacher, school, and district professional development, was developed in 1983. Since 1986, the emphasis has been on school-based staff development and training for curriculum implementation. 

    School planning teams were trained in the school improvement process which included developing plans for inservice when necessary. In utilizing this process, school improvement goals, and the plans and necessary staff development for achieving those goals are developed at the building and/or department levels. Today, professional development encompasses activities designed to meet individual, building and district goals. 

    Professional Development in Webster Groves School District will: 

    • Foster the development of a learning community in which achievements are celebrated and ideas are openly shared and discussed
    • Promote collaboration among professionals
    • Be driven by student data
    • Provide choices of different types of professional development to fit the different needs of the individuals in the organization
    • Have ample resources such as time, finances, expertise, etc.
    • Address content and knowledge at multiple levels
    • Apply research on best practices
    • Be developed with input from the members of the organization in order to facilitate ownership of the plan
    • Consistently evaluate the effectiveness of the professional development by looking at the effects on both the students and adults in the organization
    • Be an expectation for all employees of the Webster Groves School District
    • Relate to and support improved student achievement
    • Have a district wide focus
    • Support and help foster meaningful family involvement in education


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