Howard A. Latta Scholarships

  • The Howard A. Latta Scholarship Fund was established by the Class of 1968 to honor the principal of Webster Groves High School, Mr. Howard Latta, retiring that year after 37 years of service to the School District of Webster Groves. The establishment of the Latta Fund created for the first time a scholarship program solely for the benefit of graduating seniors from Webster Groves High School.

    The Man
    From some of his friends and colleagues come the following thoughts and feelings about Mr. Latta:

    “Howard Latta’s warmth toward students and staff encouraged the best from us. His leadership seemed to spring from a quiet energy that placed us all at ease around him. His sense of propriety surrounded his gentleness. His work on behalf of young people and their community helped mold students of high character and self-worth into confident young men and women, and brought Webster Groves High School to national prominence. His high character was admired and respected. He was the gentleman leader who always had time to share with, and a good word to give to, others. Howard Latta embodied the goodness in Man, showing us all that respect for self was the first step toward respect for others.“

    In keeping with Mr. Latta’s wishes, scholarships are awarded annually to assist graduating seniors from Webster Groves High School who seek financial aid to pursue vocational training or college/university degrees. 

    Graduating seniors at Webster Groves High School may apply for a Howard A. Latta Scholarship by completing the application forms available from the WGHS Guidance Center or downloaded from the website.

    These forms are submitted to the Board of Directors of the Latta Fund in the spring of the graduation year.

    All applications are judged by a selections committee composed of five faculty members appointed by the Board of Directors of the Latta Fund. Factors of need, scholarship and citizenship/character are among those elements considered in awarding Latta scholarships. Applicants must be eligible candidates for graduation from Webster Groves High School at the time they file the Latta Scholarship application.

    Scholarships are awarded annually at the Webster Groves High School Senior Awards Night.

    The Howard A. Latta Scholarship Fund, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization operated under the provisions of a set of bylaws. The fund is chartered by the State of Missouri and is exempted from federal taxation under Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Memberships and donations to the fund are tax deductible under provisions of federal law. Members of the Latta Fund elect the Board of Directors annually. The Board appoints members to the Selections Committee and to the Fundraising Committee.

    Individual memberships constitute the primary income of the Fund.

    Gifts and memorials represent both individual and organizational funds received throughout the year.

    Estate gifts and trust funds stand as long-term commitments by individ- uals, families and organizations. All gifts and membership fees are deposited into the permanent endowment fund. Interest earned annually funds each scholarship awarded.