Edgar Road History

  • The district built Edgar Road School during a period of expansion in the 1950s. It opened in 1951, with nine rooms. As enrollment grew, more rooms and a gymnasium were added. The original building cost $325,822 in 1951.

    Funds from the Proposition V bond issue provided improvements, renovations and building projects for Edgar Road School that enhance curriculum and create an excellent learning and teaching environment.

    The Edgar Road School Mission is based on the belief that every child has a right to learn in a safe, supporting environment that encourages collaboration of staff, students, parents and community for the benefit of the individual learner, as well as the celebration of all our achievements. Excellence in teaching and learning is key to success for everyone at Edgar Road School. 

    Edgar Road School is continuously engaging in activities and lessons focused around our school expectations. Staff and students collaborated to create schoolwide PRIDE universals.We work on these expectations in all settings throughtout our school day.

    Edgar Road Jaguars are

    P — Problem Solvers
    R — Respectful
    I — In Control
    D — Determined
    E — Empowered

    The Edgar Road community continues to grow and learn together every year!