Clark History

  • Clark School was established in 1948. The school is named after Anna M. Clark who taught in the district for 30 years. Much has changed since 1948 but what hasn’t changed at Clark is the staff’s desire to continuously seek improvement for the sake of all students. 

    One of our core beliefs at Clark is that when we help others we are our best selves. This school year we will partner with local, national or global nonprofit organizations. Through these partnerships, we will learn about the organization’s work and then look for ways to help. If we (and you!) do our part, we will realize our dream of making this world a better place for all of us.

    The staff at Clark feels fortunate to work with amazing families like yours who are supportive in all we do. The PTO works tirelessly at providing staff and students everything needed to achieve our district’s mission: the academic and personal success of every student.