Late Start FAQ

  • Why has the district added late starts?
    Late-start days offer opportunities for teachers to collaborate on topics such as data analysis, student progress monitoring and best teaching and learning practices.

    What are the schedules for late start days?

    K - 5 HX WGHS
    Meeting 7:30am-8:45am

    Supervision: 7:40am-8:50am

    Arrival Begins @ 8:50am

    School begins @ 9:05am
    Meeting 8:05am-9:20am

    Supervision: 8:15am - 9:25am

    Arrival Begins @ 9:25am 

    School begins @ 9:40am
    Meeting 8:05am-9:20am

    Supervision: 8:15am - 9:25am

    Arrival Begins @ 9:25am 

    School begins @ 9:40am

    Where can I find the late start dates for the 2023-24 school year?
    Please go to the calendar link

    What do I do if my child needs supervision before school starts?
    The district will provide supervision to all students who need it from grades k-12. You can register for supervision through the Tyler SIS parent portal.

    Is this supervision before school free of charge? Yes, it will be free.

    Who will provide the supervision? Instructional aides and every day substitutes each of the buildings will provide supervision.

    Will breakfast be available on late start days?
    Yes, grab and go breakfasts will be offered at both the regular arrival time and the late start arrival time.

    Will the buses run on a late-start schedule? 
    Yes, local buses will run on a late-start schedule. Buses for transfer students from the city of St. Louis will run on their regular schedule and those students will participate in the before-school supervision program.

    What if I need supervision for my child on late-start mornings and my child normally takes the bus?
    Local buses will only run on a late-start schedule. If you need supervision in the morning before school starts, we encourage you to register for the supervision program and bring your child to school.

    Will the school day end at the usual time? Yes.

    Do the late starts take the place of the professional development half days?
    No, there will still be some professional development half days next school year.