WGSD Mission and Vision

  • Mission Statement 
    The Webster Groves School District community is committed to academic and personal success for every student.

    Vision Statement 
    As a learning community, the Webster Groves School District will lead in purposeful innovation that challenges each of us to discover and pursue our passions and make a positive impact on the world.

    —Adopted June 24, 2013 by WGSD Board of Education

WGSD Contacts

  • Superintendent 
    Dr. John Simpson
    918-4005 or 961-1233, ext. 10005
    e-mail: simpson.john@wgmail.org

      Director of Communications 
    Derek Duncan
    918-4006 or 961-1233, ext.10006
    e-mail: duncan.derek@wgmail.org
    Assistant Superintendent for Learning
    Dr. Jason Adams

    918-4008 or 961-1233, ext.10008
    e-mail: adams.jason@wgmail.org

      Director of Learning Support Services 
    Tina Clark-Scott
    918-4378 or 961-1233, ext.10992
    e-mail: scott.tina@wgmail.org
    Assistant Superintendent -
    Human Resources
    Dr. Sandy Wiley Skinner

    918-4002 or 961-1233, ext.10002
    e-mail: wileyskinner.sandy@wgmail.org 
      Director of Special Education 
    Dr. Shantay Wakefield
    314-989-8487 or 961-1233, ext. 10922
    e-mail: wakefield.shantay@wgmail.org
    Director of Staff Services
    LaNita Harrison

    918-4309 or 961-1233, ext. 10009
    e-mail: harrison.lanita@wgmail.org

      SSD Special Education Coordinator
    Dr. Stephanie E. Berry
    314-963-6460, ext 18116
    email: berry.stephanie@wgmail.org
    Assistant Superintendent
    Chief Financial/Operating Officer

    Pam Frazier
    918-4020 or 916-1233, ext. 10020
    email: frazier.pam@wgmail.org

      Director of Technology
    Bill Koulouriotis

    918-4188 or 961-1233, ext. 11966
    e-mail: bill@wgmail.org
    Director of Business Services
    Emilie Vaughan

    918-4015 or 961-1233,  ext. 10015
    e-mail: vaughan.emilie@wgmail.org
      Director of Student Assessment,
    Data & Learning Technologies
    Tim Brown
    918-4159 or 961-1233, ext. 10022
    email: brown.tim@wgmail.org 

    Director of Dining Services
    Brittany Richars

    918-4156 or 961-1233, ext. 11935
    email: richars.brittany@wgmail.org

      Director of Operations
    Jason Mueller

    918-4012 or 961-1233, ext. 10012
    e-mail: mueller.jason@wgmail.org
    Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
    Dr. Shane Williamson
    918-1021 or 961-1233, ext 10021
    email: williamson.shane@wgmail.org
      Construction Project Manager
    Rob Steuber
    392-3124 or 961-1233, ext. 10938
    e-mail: steuber.rob@wgmail.org

    WGSD Service Center • 3232 S. Brentwood Blvd. • Webster Groves, MO 63119