• Hi! My name is Dr. Amber Swopshire. This is my first year at Bristol and I am extremely excited to be teaching here. I have been married to my husband, Charlie, for 8 years this December. We have a 5 year daughter named Charlotte and she will be starting Kindergarten this Fall. I also have 11 year old twin bonus sons, Cameron and Alex. They are starting their first year in middle school this Fall. We all have major changes happening this year and we are so ready to start! This is my 9th year teaching. Time flies, but I've loved every minute of it. I so look forward to meeting and bonding with the kids. 5th grade is a special year. This is their last year in elementary school. I want to make sure this year is filled with teaching and learning, discoveries, and a sense of independence. 

    I think a home to school connection is very important for student success. Please know that I am always available to speak to you about your child. I have children so I understand the importance of communication. During the day, the best way to reach me is to message me on the Bloomz app. I will have a sign up available at Meet the Teacher and I will send it home on the first of school. I also am available via email at swopshire.amber@wgmail.org.

    I look forward to meeting you all!

    Dr. Swopshire

  • Fun Facts About Me

    I'm a twin and my sister, Andrea, teaches in Kirkwood

    I also have twin step-sons, Cameron and Alex

    My favorite color is pink

    I love love reading in my spare time 

    My favorite place to shop is Target

    I LOVE Flipz milk chocolate covered pretzels :-)