Blended Age Classrooms

  • Regardless of where a child might be developmentally or how old he or she is, parents want assurance that they are placing their child in an environment where they will best learn and grow. The Ambrose Family Center utlizies blended age groups in several of its Full-Day classrooms. However, due to enrollment needs, licensing, Head Start, DESE and SSD requirements, not all classrooms may have blended-age groups. Human development is rich, varied and enormously complex. Child development occurs in orderly stages, but there is a great amount of variation in children as to when a stage is attained. This is particularly true of preschool-aged children. In both our blended-age classrooms and single-age classrooms, teachers prepare for and expect a wide range of abilities in the children. They focus on each child as an individual learner and work with them at their developmental level. 

Arrival and Departure Times

  • All parents/guardians or authorized individuals (must be at least 14 years old) must provide a photo I.D. and sign their child in and out each day with time and signature. This is one way to safeguard your child by knowing when they are here and who has picked them up. Due to licensing regulations, no child can be unattended at any time. Please make sure all children, regardless of age, are with you at all times.

    Full Day Program (Monday-Friday)

    Full Day class is in session from 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM. Because we offer extended hours from 7:30 - 8:30 AM in the morning and from 3:30 - 5:30 PM in the afternoon, all parent/guardians will be asked to put in writing their expected drop-off and pick-up times on the form provided in their registration packet. We use this information in scheduling staff and ordering meals in support of quality programming. Please note that while the center's hours are 7:30 AM - 5:30 PM, these hours are meant to offer a range of time to fit the varying needs of busy families. Attendance is not to exceed 10 hours of care in a given day, except in an extreme emergency, as this is not in the best interest of  the children.

    Half Day Program (Monday-Thursday)

    Half Day morning classes are held from 8:30 AM - 11:30 AM. Half Day afternoon classes are held from 12:15 PM - 3:15 PM. Children should not be arriving any earlier than program start times or later than program end times. There is no early drop off or late pick up care for the Half Day program.

    Late Pick-Up

    Please make arrangements for someone you have authorized to pick up your child if you cannot be here by the time your child's class ends (11:30 AM, 3:15 PM or 5:30 PM). In addition, please contact the Ambrose Family Center main office at 314-963-6440. On your first occasion of being late, you will receive a written reminder. Any time after that, you will be charged $2.50 per minute for the first 10 minutes and $5.00 per minute thereafter. Paying these fees is not an option for extended care. After the 4th occurrence, a meeting will be requested to explore how to support the parents/guardians with picking up on time. Habitual late pick up may result in dismissal from the program.

  • Children are expected to be in school every day they are scheduled to attend. It is essential that all children be in their classrooms at the start of the learning day (8:30 AM for Full Day/Half Day morning or 12:15 PM for Half Day Afternoon) in order to become an integral part of their group. There are 2 reasons for this. First, we know children do best when following a predicable routine and children can become unsettled if they arrive late and have missed out on learning experiences. Second, we need to keep accurate attendance records for our meal counts and for funding source purposes. Please call the center's main office at 314-963-6440 by 8:30 AM if your child will not be in attendance that day or if they will be either late or picked up early. Please note that if you will be dropping off your child late (after 8:30 AM) or picking them up early (before 3:15 PM for Half Day; before 3:30 PM for Full Day) that you sign your child in/out in the main office.