• Welcome to my page. I teach French 2 through French 6/AP. Monsieur Stein

    Homework, projects, syllabi, useful links, and other info will be posted in Google Classroom.

    Homework counts for 10% of the Progress grade, and late work (accepted in French 2, 3, and 4 only) will earn half credit.

    Grades are continually available online via the SIS portal. Depending on the quantity of grading I have at any given time, grades may NOT be posted immediately.

    University credit is available for French 4 and above. I would highly recommend that students get college credit for what they are already doing in class. It is much cheaper than college credit on campus, and there is no extra work involved. For a listing of which schools accept UMSL credit, see   Credit available for the courses is as follows. French 4: 5 credits from UMSL. French 5: 5 credits from UMSL. AP French 6: 3 credits from UMSL. (Tuition payments will give you a tax deduction!)

    Free student tutors are available. Please e-mail me if you are interested in a tutor, and I will send you a list of students willing to help for their A+ hours.

    In case you need to contact me, my phone number is 918-4113. You will be asked to leave voice-mail, but I check it several times per day and will get back to you fairly quickly. My e-mail address is or I check this several times per day as well. Merci!

    Jeff Stein
    French teacher, French National Honor Society and Cycling Club Sponsor

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