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    Donald Johnson typically uses Google Classroom to share homework and due dates.  There are resources for the Journalism and Freshman Literature and Composition classes on the File Library Link.  The ECHO materials can be accessed through Google Classroom, but it in not possible to share those materials here and maintain the security of some of our linked content.

    Students may access the Google Classrooms using their school Google Cloud accounts.  Afterwards, parents may signon to receive summaries and due dates.

    The Journalism Google Classroom code is zvgdkq7, and the calendar may be accessed at this link.

    The Freshman Google Classroom code is xsuvgen, and the calendar may be accessed at this link.

    The ECHO Google Classroom code is wgxibb.  ECHO assignments are incredibly fluid, so it's hard to show specific due dates on a calendar.  Students are expected to earn 1,000 pts. per month through a variety of activities including selling ads, writing stories, taking photos, making social media posts, doing layout, blogging, creating videos and audio podcasts, upkeeping the online presense, etc...

    Any questions may be sent to Donald Johnson.