Proposition E Improvements For District Schools

  • New Hixson entrance

    With the completion of architectural plans for a variety of Proposition E bond issue projects, the Board of Education will receive recommendations on contractors at its meeting in April. The largest project is the expansion of Hixson Middle School which will include a beautiful, light-filled new main entrance facing Elm Avenue as well as of office space and new, larger library in the area where the current library stands.

    Plans also call for a two-story academic wing to be built at the back of the current building.

    Other bond issue projects at Hixson include expansion of the cafeteria, an additional gymnasium (built of concrete and designed as a safe room that can hold everyone in the build- ing), improved parking and safety and accessibility enhancements. The work will be done in phases, with the academic wing done first.

    At the Steger Sixth Grade Center/ Dr. Henry Givens Jr. School campus, the district is talking to architects about improvements that would accent the elementary quality of the campus. One area that might be enhanced is the large school courtyard.

    Proposition E also provides funding for safety, security and accessibility improvements at district schools such as:

    • Secure vestibules at each school that will include electronically controlled entry devices, secured service window and video monitoring
    • Improved security for interior classroom and of ce doors such as glass mitigation and or replacement where necessary, operable door deadbolts and vision shades
    • Exterior doors with improved security measures which may include glass mitigation and or replacement where necessary, additional door alarms and video monitoring
    • Ground level window security to be addressed by the installation of security film, tinting to disrupt direct vision, blinds or other resolution to prevent, deter interior visibility/entry from ground-level window openings
    • Installation of an elevator and or chairlifts at Avery, Bristol and Edgar Road to improve accessibility
    • Improved building access by installing accessible sidewalks/ramps along with improved wayfinding/signage
    • Districtwide communication system.

    Project work is scheduled to begin late spring of 2020, with all projects completed by the 2021-2022 school year.

Special thanks...

  • to Webster Groves High School senior Ainsley McDermott, who is interning with the school district’s community relations office, for her contributions to this issue of Our Schools.