A Letter to Our Community

  • Funding logo The last six months have been challenging for the Webster Groves School District. We have faced funding cuts from the State of Missouri because of COVID-related revenue declines, while at the same time experienced sharp increases in expenses. Our teachers have had to quickly adapt to an online teaching environment, while our counselors have been providing additional social and emotional support to students remotely.

    To address the situation, the district has reallocated budgets to compensate for the loss of state funding, provided Chromebooks and hotspots to students and staff, and purchased supplies to make our schools safe for our children when they return to the classrooms.

    Our school community has hundreds of children and families needing food and additional support at this time and many students need access to better internet service in order to have consistent access to online classes. Teachers could benefit from new technology to provide a better-quality online learning experience.

    Meeting the emerging needs of our school district will take a community effort – with a commitment to care for the most vulnerable and a commitment to provide the most effective learning environment possible for our students, whether virtual or in person. That is why the Webster Groves School District and the WGSD Foundation have launched FUNDING THE COVID-19 GAP, a community fund-raising effort to bridge this difficult time.

    We know that our community is strengthened by every student's success and well-being. We hope you will support us in this campaign to Fund the Gap caused by COVID-19.

    Donate today at https://www.wgsdfoundation.org/funding-the-covid-19-gap.html

    With our deep gratitude,

    John Simpson
    Superintendent, Webster Groves School District

    Joel Oliver
    President, Webster Groves School District Foundation