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    Tina Clark-Scott
    Director of Learning Support Services   Homeless/Foster Care Liaison
    314-918-4378 or 314-961-1233, ext. 10992
    email: scott.tina@wgmail.org
    Hollie Henderson
    Special Projects Specialist

    314-918-4003 or 314-961-1233, ext. 10003
    email: henderson.hollie@wgmail.org

    Courage 2 Report — Call or text 1-866-748-7047

    Use this number to report any concerns about bullying, violence, theft, sale of drugs at school, or any other safety related issues.
    You may call this number anonymously. Individuals can also file a report on Courage 2 Report here.

    The Webster Groves School District is committed to helping its students succeed academically and personally. This commitment includes teaching students about safe and healthy lifestyles. Through this website, we provide an array of links and material for parents, staff and students on a range of topics that cover safe and healthy choices.