Welcome to the Avery Art Studio!

  • Welcome to the Avery Art Studio! My name is Jessica Neusitz. I am the art specialist at Avery Elementary. 

    The art studio is a great place to get to know the young artists at Avery as they learn to visually express their interests and experiences through the art making process. While adding to our knowledge of art concepts and developing skills, we will focus on understanding and practicing artistic behaviors that make for meaningful art. In the art making process our goals are to:

    CONNECT: recognize art is a reflection of the artist and/or the world around them.

    PLAN: envision an idea and develop a plan for its visual expression.

    CREATE: using tools and media, along with art elements, make an idea a reality.

    PERSEVERE: stay engaged to problem solve, revise and refine a work of art.

    RESPOND: look at, think about and respectfully talk about a work of art.

    Although art is to be a reflection of the artist, we will learn that artists do best if they have knowledge of basic concepts, skills and art elements to help them express their IDEAS.  Kindergarten will have more guided instruction and practice of concepts and skill development. The older grade levels will have a hybrid art program between teacher guided lessons to build skills and choice based art lessons where artists can explore their own ideas and practice their artistic behaviors.

    It is exciting to see how each artist develops their IDEAS and expresses themselves through their art. The Avery Art Studio is a great place to be!

    You are welcome any time!

    Jessica Neusitz
    Avery Art Specialist

    314.963.6425 ext. 004