Equity in Action Committee

  • The role of the Equity in Action Committee (formerly Equity in Education Committee) is to act as a district committee that provides guidance to the district administration and Board of Education regarding the district’s anti-bias/anti-racism work, particularly in the areas of curricula, professional development, hiring and retention, school culture, and family/community engagement. The Equity in Action Committee will be guided by the WGSD Equity Resolution and Anti-Bias/Anti-Racism Policy.

    Meets: 4 times per year from 5:30 - 7:00 p.m., Webster Groves High School - Library

    2022 - 2023 Dates: September 26, November 29, January 30, and April 24 

    Chair: Director, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

    Co-Chair Director, Learning Support Services

    Length of term: 3 years 

    The voting membership will include the Assistant Superintendent of Learning, SSD Director of Special Education, and one representative from each school and WAFC, a student from the High School Principal Advisory Committee, Business/Operations, and Human Resources. The committee will be chaired by the Director of DEI and co-chaired by the Director of Learning Support Services. Members from the WGSD, PTOs, and community are encouraged and welcome to attend the EIA’s meetings. 

    Equity in Action Committee will:

    • Review and examine District disaggregated data to identify strengths and any bias that may prevent students from succeeding. 
    • Celebrate individuals, groups, and schools making significant contributions toward becoming an inclusive and equitable community. 
    • Collect and maintain updates from each school’s PTO equity committee. 
    • Highlight best practices for embedding equity into practice.
    • Activate/continue school-based committees focused on equity. 
    • Review action plans from school-based committee work toward becoming an inclusive and equitable school. 
    • Serve as a catalyst for community actions and resources directed toward becoming an inclusive and equitable school.