• Webster Groves School District is using SafeSchoolsTM.com to offer training courses online for your convenience. Follow these easy steps to complete your Webster Groves School District safety training requirements:

    Using your web browser, Go to the SafeSchoolsTM website for Webster Groves School District:
    1. Go to the SafeSchools Training home page at http://webster.mo.safeschools.com/
    2. In the box to the right, enter your username, which is your work email address. EXAMPLE: lastname.firstname@wgmail.org. A password is required.
    3. If you have any outstanding training modules due for the current school year, they will be available once you are logged into your training application. Select any assigned course by clicking on the name of the course. No PIN is necessart to enter the SafeSchools training system.
    4. Complete all your training assignments by October 1st.  Your Safe Schools training page will be automatically updated to indicate completion of the courses.  You do not need to print out a Certificate of Completion.  The Department of Human Resources will monitor your training progress.
    Thanks for your commitment and time in making Webster Groves School District a safer place to work and learn.
    For questions, please contact your Webster Groves School District SafeSchoolsTM contact or call 1-800-434-0154.