Graduation Requirements

  • Graduation Requirements

    To qualify for graduation from Webster Groves High School, a student must earn at least 24 credits in grades 9 through 12.  Specifically, the student's educational program must include the minimum graduation requirements as established by the Missouri State Board of Education and the Webster Groves School District Board of Education.  Those minimum requirements are as follows:



    Department Credits Special Notes
    Communication Arts 4 includes English, Speech, and Journalism
    Social Studies 3 .50 credit in U.S. Government and 1.0 credit in U.S. History are required
    Mathematics 3  no specific course requirements
    Science 3 1.0 credit in Biology and 1.0 credit in a physical science are required
    Fine Art 1 includes Music, Art, and Drama
    Practical Arts 1

    includes Business, Family and Consumer Science and Industrial Technology

    Physical Education 1.5 .50 credit in Health and 1.0 credits in P.E. required
    Elective Credit 7.5 earned in any subject area beyond what is required
    Total Credits 24*  


    *All students must pass Personal Finance or a class with Personal Finance embedded in the curriculum.





    Credit will be awarded uniformly on the basis of the total amount of time that a course meets.  Courses meeting daily for the entire year receive one (1.00) credit.  Courses meeting daily for an entire period for one semester (one-half year) earn one?half (0.500) credit.  All students must be enrolled in at least five department-based classes each semester.



    Elective credit is given for all courses taken beyond those that are required.



    A maximum of two credits for independent study, student assistant, and/or achievement credit will be accepted toward graduation.  In addition, two units of credit may be acquired through approved correspondence classes. Achievement credit is awarded by a department after consultation with the high school principal when a student can demonstrate mastery of a specific level of course content and is eligible to accelerate to the next higher level of that subject area.



    An occasion may arise in which a student would elect to repeat a class that they have already taken.  In order to do this, the student must complete a form which can be obtained from their counselor, and gain consent from their assistant principal.  The grade they earn from the additional time taking the class does not replace the first grade.  Instead, the two grades will be averaged and the student’s GPA will be recalculated and no additional credit will be awarded.



    In accordance with the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, all students must pass a personal finance course. 



    Eight semesters of planned curricular work are expected to qualify for graduation.  Students transferring from other school districts must spend at least two consecutive semesters at Webster Groves High School to be granted a diploma from this institution.



    The Webster Groves School District Board of Education has established eight semesters of high school attendance as one of the requirements for graduation from Webster Groves High School.  In some instances, a few students have found it necessary to leave before completing the eight semester requirement.  A student who desires to be considered for graduation in fewer than eight semesters of high school attendance must make a formal application with parent approval to the Early Graduation Committee at least one semester before he/she plans to leave.  An application may be secured from the student's counselor.  Upon application to the counselor and after appropriate staff review, students may be granted exceptions to the eight semesters of work for reasons of advanced educational or vocational plans.  Committee decisions are made on the basis of the facts of each request in conjunction with school policy.  All requirements for graduation, except for the eight semesters of attendance, must be completed at the time the student leaves school.



    A student may enroll in a college course for college credit while attending his/her junior or senior  year of high school, provided he/she meets the enrollment requirements of the institution.  Summer programs offered through a university may also qualify for dual enrollment.  Prerequisite:  Counselor and administrative approval prior to enrolling in course/program. 



    In order to be eligible for Missouri State High School Athletic Association activities students need to be enrolled in 3 credits a semester, and must have passed 3 credits in the previous semester.



    For students seeking to recover credit, or take courses not offered at the high school, the Department of Elementary and Education has established online courses.  For more information, consult a counselor or visit



    For sophomore standing, a student is required to have earned a minimum of six credits; for junior class standing, a student must have attained 12 credits; for senior class standing, a student needs a minimum of 18 credits.