Earning College Credit While in High School

  • Opportunities to earn college credit while attending WGHS

    Students at WGHS have a variety of ways of earning college credit while attending high school.  These include:

    1. Dual Enrollment:  This program offers students the opportunity to enroll in courses on the college campus while attending WGHS.  Students must have at least a 2.5 G.P.A. to participate.  Information about this program is available from the Counseling Department.

    2.  Dual Credit Programs through St. Louis University and University of Missouri-St. Louis:  The Advanced College Credit programs through the universities offer students the opportunity to earn college credit for selected courses completed at WGHS.  These courses are listed in the table below.  Students enrolled in these programs earn high school and college credit for the course(s).  They are considered part-time students at the university with library privileges and the grades earned become part of the students’ undergraduate G.P.A. and transcript.  These credits are accepted at every college and university in the state of Missouri (except Washington University) as well as by many colleges and universities across the country.  Tuition costs (about $65-$70/credit hour in 2016-2017) are a fraction of what it would cost to take the same course on campus.  Students must have an unweighted G.P.A of 3.0 to be eligible to register.

    3.  Advanced Placement (AP):  Students who participate in this program take nationally normed AP tests in May at WGHS.  Scores may range from 1 - 5; scores lower than 3 are not accepted by colleges.  Higher scores (4 - 5) are more widely accepted across the country and internationally than ACC credit.  Each test costs about $85.  There is no GPA requirement for an AP exam.  Registration takes place prior to spring break.

    Note: AP and Dual Credit Courses are taught at the college level. While the amount of time spent on homework will vary (approximately 5-10 out of class hours per week, per course), students should consider their after school availability and total time commitments when choosing their course load.


     Dual Credit Offerings 2018-2019