Intruder/Lockdown Plan

  • Definition:  Person who does not belong on the school campus or bus.

    General Procedures: Strangers in the building not displaying a “visitor” tag should be stopped by staff and directed to the main office where they may sign in and obtain a visitor’s pass.

    1. Be visible in hallways between classes. If you have students in your classroom, station yourself in your doorway. Make sure students know the expectations for classroom behavior.
    2. Be aware of the “visitor policy” by visibly checking to see if visitors have a “visitor” pass displayed. If not, please ask that they do so, or escort them to the office to get a visitor name tag.
    3. Make sure your students are well-prepared for ALL drills.
    4. Limit “hall passes.” If a pass is given, all passes should be clearly marked with the student’s name and time leaving.
    5. Take roll promptly at the beginning of each period.

    Pre-drill notes:

    1. Classroom doors should be locked at all times (door remains locked whether opened or closed while class is in session).
    2. Students should be taught and directed to enter the nearest classroom or office during an Intruder Drill.
    3. Review your drill and evacuation plans regularly.
    4. Each teacher’s class roll book should be accurate at all times.
    5. Keep your door locked when you are not in your classroom.
    6. All visitors need to wear name tags. Visitors include both students and adults. All staff are expected to request verification of any visitor on the campus. Whenever possible, approach visitor(s) in two’s.
    7. When “Intruder in Building” is announced, assume the intruder is armed.

    Intruder is:

    • In the Building: Make a P.A. system announcement for “visitors to report to the office.”
    • In the Hall: Staff will call office or escort stranger to office.
    • Intruder in the classroom: Send a student to the office for help.
    • Dangerous Intruder: Use P.A. system or bull horn to announce “Intruder in Building” or evacuation of students to safest position away from intruder.
    • On a School Bus: Bus driver should radio for assistance.

    Steps of Action:

    1. Ask intruder to leave the campus and notify principal and police liaison officer as soon as possible.
    2. If the intruder is hostile or threatening, call 911.
    3. If the intruder becomes violent or displays a weapon, signal teachers to initiate lockdown procedures and/or evacuate the building.
    4. Call Crisis Response Team.
    5. Contact Central Office. (918-4000 or 918-4008)
    6. Communicate with parents as soon as possible, if appropriate.
    7. Refer all media calls to the Community Relations Office. (918-4000 or 918-4006)


    • Call 911
    • Determine appropriate action or need for building evacuation and notify staff.
    • Call Crisis Response Team.
    • Supervise evacuation and check for injuries.
    • Locate Police or EMS Incident Commander.
    • Assign persons to administer first aid, as necessary.
    • Keep access roads open.
    • Assess need to transport students.
    • Assign roles to auxiliary persons as needed.
    • Provide continuous PA updates to staff, as appropriate.
    • Communicate with parents when appropriate.


    • Call 911.
    • Call the Superintendent’s Office. (918-4000 or 918-4008)
    • Refer all media calls to the Community Relations Office. (918-4000 or 918-4006)
    • Take student emergency card files or laptop to evacuation site.


    • Report to Principal


    • Call 911
    • Visually survey hallway to assess situation.
    • Gather students in hallway into classroom and lock door.
    • Cover window(s) of classroom door.
    • Have students sit silently along the doorway wall of classroom.
    • Take silent attendance.
    • Maintain silent and still setting in classroom until “all clear” announcement or police arrive.
    • If intruder is visible or imminent, take the following action as appropriate:
      • Evacuation/running
      • Warning others
      • Crawling
      • Hiding
      • Playing dead
      • Fighting
      • Doing what you have to do to stay alive
      • If evacuation is necessary, bring list of students (gathered during silent attendance) who also evacuated
      • If evacuation is necessary, when safe, contact central office of your evacuation and the number of students who evacuated. (918-4000)
      • Maintain list of students.


    • Provide first aid.


    • Provide psychological first aid.