Board Meeting Highlights

  • What Happened at the Board of Education Meeting Thursday, April 22, 2021. What follows are highlights, not minutes, of the meeting.

    Board member resignation. Board member Amy Clendennen announced in a letter that she plans to resign following the May 13 meeting.

    Social studies curriculum. The board heard a second presentation from staff members on how they developed the curriculum and what resources were used. Following the presentation, they approved the curriculum.

    Budget adjustments. The board approved adjustments to the 2020-21 budget including a reduction in revenue accounts of $753,892 and $1.07 million in expenditures.

    Budget 2021-22. The board approved a draft budget for next year with $70,170,918 in revenue and $72,484,230 in expenditures. Please note that Proposition E bond issue expenditures of $3 million are included in these numbers. The district received the bond issue money in a previous year.

    Second semester update. Superintendent John Simpson said that numbers related to the COVID-19 continue to look favorable. He said that the district anticipates having school in session next school year with students in all buildings back full time. The district is looking at offering virtual classes through the state of Missouri for those who wish to remain home. The High School, he said, is planning to move to a block schedule of three days with seven classes and two days of four. Enrollment numbers for summer school, to be held in-person, are strong, he said. A virtual option will be offered through the Launch program.

    Bristol parking lot. Dr. Simpson said that representatives from the Olive and Oak event space have asked the district to reconsider a request that the district rent parking space at Bristol for its customers. The board agreed to have the administration discuss a possible lease arrangement with Olive and Oak and report back at a future meeting.

    Strategic plan. The board approved the goals, priorities and measurements used to guide the district’s actions and evaluate progress.