• A systems approach to school-wide PBIS: multiple points of support in schools

    Individual Student:  Intensive and individualized behavior intervention planning and implementation for students who are unresponsive to school-wide (primary) interventions that use functional behavioral assessment. 

     Expectations, routines, structures, and practices for presenting curriculum, designing instruction, and managing school climate of classroom environments that serves as the basis for individual student behavior support planning.

    School-wide:  Behavioral expectations and supports (i.e., proactive school-wide discipline) for all students and staff, across all school settings that together serve as the foundation for classroom and individual PBIS.

    District:  Behavior support policy, organization leadership, and resource management that collectively serve as the foundation for district and school-wide implementation of PBIS.

    The following Webster Groves schools are implementing PBIS during the 2009 - 2010 school year : WGHS, Hixson Middle School, Steger Sixth Grade Center, and WGSD Elementary Computer School.


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