• Webster Groves School District's Human Resources staff strives to provide to our students, parents, and staff a positive environment through diverse knowledge and accumulated experience which enables each member of the HR staff to make positive contributions to the school district community. 

    Please address any comments and/or questions about the Human Resources Department to Dr. Sandy Wiley Skinner, Assistant Superintendent, at wiley.sandy@wgmail.org.


    Sandy Wiley Skinner

    Dr. Sandy Wiley Skinner - Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources
    e-mail: wiley.sandy@wgmail.org
    phone: 918-4002 or 961-1233 ext. 10002


    LaNita Harrison - Director of Staff Services
    e-mail:  harrison.lanita@wgmail.org
    phone: 918-4309 or 961-1233 ext. 10009

    Gwendolyn Harris

    Gwendolyn Harris - HR Specialist
    email: harris.gwendolyn@wgmail.org 
    phone: 918-4001 or 961-1233 ext. 10001

    Anna Trinh

    Anna Trinh - Substitute Coordinator & Administrative Assistant
    email: trinh.anna@wgmail.org
    phone: 918-4120 or 961-1233 ext. 10026

     Shantay Bastain-Savage Shantay Bastain-Savage - Office Secretary 
    email: bastain.shantay@wgmail.org
    phone: 918-4000 or 961-1233 ext. 10000

    Human Resources Fax: 314-918-4671
    Employment Verifications