• For certified staff advancement on the Teacher Salary Schedule, course work from an accredited institution, must be earned in an appropriate area or specialty.


    • A written statement must be submitted regarding the intent to complete a channel change. Submit to the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources in writing prior to May 15th of the preceding school year.
    • University Graduate Credit Application must be completed for all courses being used for Channel Change purposes. Forwarded to Human Resources for review and signature approval by the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources.
    • For MA+30 or MA+50 channel changed, submit a Channel Change Summary Log that list all coursework and in-service credit.
    • All official academic transcripts from Universities and/or Colleges must be submitted in the original, sealed envelope from the institution directly to Human Resources.
    • Forward all forms, in-credit certificates and official transcripts to Human Resources by August 31st of intended Channel Change year.


    For full policy description, please review Channel Change Procedure.