Calendar Basics

  • The Google intake calendar opens in early March; the HR Calendar Committee adds dates pertinent to everyone in the district. These include early dismissals, late starts, days off, national holidays, and the like, so we can avoid building personnel ALL adding those same events. (Nine Winter Breaks would be great, but we won't get that many, so we don't need that many on the calendar.)

    When HR is finished, building personnel (principals, secretaries, coaches, etc.) then add relevant dates—parent/teacher conferences, games, book fairs, concerts, field trips, PTO meetings, whatever. 

    When everyone is done, dates get tied to Blackboard categories, and cross-posted to building calendars (Pat Weaver does all this for everyone). This way, when a date changes, it gets changed only once, on the main district master calendar. The change reflects on every other calendar it's been cross-posted to; AJ Rodgers makes any changes or revisions necessary.

    This not only saves work, we avoid embarrassment: we can't end up with more than one event in any given space on any given date. 

    The whole process finishes some time in June.

    Beyond that, buildings are free to use whatever methods and software that work for them to deal with dates and events in their own spaces.