Expected Behaviors

  • Parents and Guardians,

    As we head into the school year, there will be opportunities for the Avery community to come together for after school events on the Avery campus. This note is to serve as a reminder and conversation prompts to have with your children prior to events outside the normal school day:

    • Please listen to the parent volunteers who are supporting the event.
    • Please limit access to the building to use of restrooms or areas where activities are present.
    • The Avery Way is something students learn and recite EVERY morning. These would be good reminders for your child as well. Below you can find our Avery Way:
      • A - Always Safe
      • V - Very Responsible
      • E - Engaged in Learning
      • R - Respectful to self others and property
      • Y - You Matter!

    Thank you for supporting Avery and the PTO by reinforcing these strategies with your child(ren).

    Arrival from 7:40-7:50 AM

    • Bompart Avenue
      • Carpool drop-off only in front of school – parents to remain in vehicles with staff members assisting students
      • Families walking students to school will say goodbye at the external doors
      • No parking during arrival
      • Staff members will supervise at the curb
    • Marshall Avenue
      • Atrium entrance will be open for arrival for students dropped off on Marshall
      • Staff members will supervise at the curb
    • Atalanta Avenue
      • We strongly encourage families to travel only from Bompart towards Glen to alleviate congestion and increase safety
      • No parking on sidewalks
      • Staff members will supervise at the curb

    Dismissal 2:50pm-3:00pm

    • Bompart Avenue
      • Kindergarten and Fifth grades will dismiss out front
    • Atalanta Avenue
      • First and Fourth grades will dismiss along the side
    • Blacktop
      • Second and Third grades will dismiss on the back blacktop
    • Back Parking Lot
      • Staff parking only
      • No entrance or exit from 2:20-2:50