Personal Health and Wellness

  • As a microcosm of society, WGSD has experienced a marked increase in the number of children and adults needing assistance with their overall health and well-being. If not healthy and well, students and staff are unable to thrive in the classroom or beyond.

    In partnership with families, professional organizations, and one another, we will ensure practices, structure and systems in place that support the health and happiness of all, while providing individualized care and resources for those in need.

    Connections to WGSD Guiding Principles:
    2. We promote a safe, inclusive, and equitable environment.
    3. We nurture trusting and supportive relationships.
    4. We hear and value diverse voices and multiple perspectives.
    5. We prioritize personal well-being and the well-being of others.

    To ensure WGSD is a safe learning community where our learners (students and staff) feel a sense of belonging and connection to others.