• 2023-2024 Student Advisors to the Board

    Two high school juniors have been named student advisors to the district Board of Education for this school year. They are Raigan McCoy and Ali Schultz. They alternate attending board meetings each month and share their opinions on issues as representatives of the student body. Both students are passionate about creating change and bettering the community. The student advisors were appointed following interviews and the submission of essays on their interest in the position.

    Student Advisors

    Student Advisors to the Board (Policy JFBB)

    The Webster Groves Board of Education recognizes the unique perspectives held by students on issues impacting the school district. Therefore, a high school student of the Webster Groves School District may serve as a nonvoting advisor to the Board pursuant to this policy.  The high school principal or designee will develop a process to select a student advisor as well as an alternate for a one-year term.  The Board reserves the right to remove a student as student advisor for any reason including, but not limited to, situations where the student is suspended from school, violates the law, fails to attend the necessary meetings or is no longer enrolled in school.  The student advisor is expected to attend public Board meetings.  The student advisor may be directed by the Board or superintendent to report on particular issues. The student advisor will be encouraged to communicate with other students in the district.  The student advisor may not vote on any issue and will not have access to closed information. The student advisor will receive the same Board packet distributed to the rest of the Board except for any closed information.  Once appointed, the student advisor will meet with the Board president, superintendent or designee for training. Minimally, the student advisor will be informed of the Sunshine Law, basic parliamentary procedure and Board policies affecting the operation of Board meetings.