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WGSD Assessment

  • The Webster Groves School District (WGSD) uses formal assessment data to monitor student progress and program effectiveness. WGSD administers standardized tests to monitor progress in general academic achievement and to measure the effectiveness of district programs. Additionally, WGSD has developed local assessments to provide practice for the Missouri Assessment Plan (MAP), End of Course (EOC) and to assess areas not measured by the MAP.

    WGSD believes that the core purpose of assessment is to enhance student learning. Formal assessments are administered to benefit students both directly and indirectly. These assessments benefit students directly when they document individual achievement and progress, and when they identify specific areas of academic strength and weakness. Indirect benefits are obtained when formal assessment data are used to revise and improve educational programs. This data also provides educators with information about instructional effectiveness in relation to student learning.

    Students will have opportunities to demonstrate what they know and can do on various standardized tests throughout their years in the district. These formal assessments provide a “snapshot” of student performance at a given place and time. To complete the picture of student progress, daily ongoing assessment, embedded in the teaching process and used to provide regular feedback, will also be conducted as an essential means to enhance student learning.

Beliefs and Purpose

  • The Webster Groves School District believes that assessment should: 

    • Provide a clear sense of purpose for each assessment;
    • Articulate a schedule that is designed for efficient and effective use of all assessment data gathered;
    • Communicate and clarify the assessment process and expectations;
    • Provide clear expectations for educators;
    • Provide the professional development needed for use of the data obtained;
    • Provide time and training to assist with common scoring;
    • Support and assess the articulated and aligned curriculum; 
    • Provide a reporting system that reflects the assessments and expectations of our students.  

    Purpose of Assessments 

    The WGSD conducts a variety of assessments in all subject areas.  A listing of assessments and calendar is provided in Appendix B of this document.  

    District assessments are designed to monitor the academic and personal success of every student throughout the school year.  There are three purposes for administering and then analyzing and sharing results:

    1. Assessments provide feedback regarding a student’s learning. 
    2. Results of assessments are used at the student, teacher, team, school, and district level to evaluate student learning, to make decisions regarding learning design, and to determine eligibility and needs for special programming.
    3. Results of assessments are used by the District and Board of Education to monitor district-wide student learning and performance on local, state, and national measures. 
  • Mr. Tim Brown
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