6 - Schedule Planning Guidelines

  • The Webster Groves District secondary schools offer a balanced program of required and elective subjects designed to prepare students to satisfy their personal and social needs as well as to meet the economic, civic, and social demands of our complex world.

    Some subjects are required of all students. These are subjects that provide basic understandings, knowledge, skills and attitudes that are the foundation of our social, civic, and economic life. These subjects constitute the base of the broad educational program essential for all students.

    The elective subjects provide opportunities for the exploration and development of new fields of interest and for the further development of special interests and abilities already discovered in elementary school. The elective program, like the required program, contributes to the general education of students, enriching the educational experience and strengthening self-confidence and poise through satisfying academic achievement.

    Sound guidance in planning your program of study is essential in both the middle and senior high schools. Among the elective subjects, select those that will contribute the most satisfaction to your personal goals.

    Hixson Middle School provides special sections of some classes for the purpose of adjusting the program to the ability and interest of students. Students are assigned to these classes on the basis of examination, previous records, and staff recommendations. Teachers and counselors are available to help students plan their programs. Parents are encouraged to make an appointment to discuss any questions about program planning.

    In planning a program, it is important to consider your non-academic workload when selecting your subjects. Music lessons, club activities, sports, and home responsibilities are all important factors to consider when planning your schedule.