As we move forward with the 2020-2021 school year, our ultimate goal is to return safely to a five-day school week with in-person instruction. Over the past few months, WGSD has ​​continued our regular collaboration with superin​tendents, medical professionals, and healthcare professionals. We have identified, reviewed, and assessed a series of community health indicators to help determine when it would be appropriate for students to return to school. These indicators are a starting point, and one of the many factors we may consider as we move forward.

As always, the driving force behind any decision-making is the safety and well-being of students, staff and school communities.

Please know that the data reflect information provided by St. Louis County Department of Public Health, as well as information compiled by EducationPlus; it may be subject to change if we get updates from these community organizations

Regional Transmission Rate

Viral transmission represents the average number of people that one person with COVID-19 is likely to infect in a population without any immunity or any interventions. The risk is less to individuals when community transmission rates are low. 

Target of moving to 1.00 or less. Above 1.0 means increasing the spread, and under 1.0 means reducing the spread of the virus.​​​