• Will my child have access to/support for technology?

    What type of computer is recommended?
    A Chromebook, PC or Mac will work for virtual learning.

    If we find that the iPads with keyboards that worked for our students last spring don't work well with Canvas, can we request a different device?
    We would prefer that all students have a Chromebook, PC or Mac.  If you have an iPad that is district owned, we ask that you return it to the Service Center at 3232 S. Brentwood Blvd. 

    We have three students and one computer for virtual learning. Can the district assist with that?
    Yes, we can support families that need additional devices as well as Wi-Fi hotspots.

    If we're in the Virtual Program and have technical issues, what should we do?
    We will have help desks to troubleshoot and swap out devices if necessary.

    Will you provide additional bandwidth?
    The district will not be able to provide additional bandwidth to homes.  If your family does not have Internet, we will be able to provide a hot spot.

Last Modified on November 24, 2020