• Is the curriculum the same for the Responsive Learning Plan and the Virtual Learning Program?
    Yes. Curriculum goals, outcomes for students, grading and student expectations are the same.

    How will the district verify that students are meeting grade appropriate learning goals and what will you do if they're not keeping up?
    We will be monitoring student learning through assessments and through assignments.  Teachers and principals will be in communication with families about learning progress to evaluate what more can be done to support each child.

    Who will parents be kept updated on student progress?
    Parents and teachers should continue to engage in consistent 2-way communication regarding their students' academic progress.  In addition, teachers will continue to post grades in SIS, sso parents should check SIS regularly.  Canvas and SIS communicate with one another, so you will view student progress in Canvas as well.

    What is Canvas?
    Canvas is a course managment system that supports online learning and teaching.  It allows teachers to post grades, information and assignments online.  It also allows the school to provide feedback and a uniform communications system.  WGSD teachers have received training on it and will offer training for students and parents as well.

    What about Camp Wyman?
    Camp Wyman will not occur in its original form.  We are working with Steger science department, Steger administration, district administration and representatives from Camp Wyman to create an experience this Spring at Steger. Details of this experience are not complete at this time.

    How will assignments be communicated?
    Assignments are communicated through the teachers during the instructional time and will be posted for student reference.


    Could a high school student get credit volunteering or tutoring elementary-age children with virtual school?
    Tutoring is a component of a high school's A+ Schools Program, which provides funds for post-secondary education for students who meet certain requirements.  If you have a high school student who is providing tutoring to your child, please contact Shiree Yeggins at the high school (918-4363 or to authorize the high school students to work with your child.

    What is the daily schedule for high school students?
    For both the Virtual Program and the Responsive Learning Plan, the first class will run from 8:25 to 9:50 a.m. and it will be a combination of live teaching and independent assignments.  Teachers may choose to begin by checking in, helping students and assigning work, with live instruction in the latter part of the class or vice versa.  A period for learning support, where the teacher is the resource, will follow the first class.  After that, a second block of time for a class will be followed by a learning support period and so on.  The day concludes at 3:25 p.m. after the fourth block for instruction.

    How will teaching and learning for the high school students be different this semester from last spring?
    Students in both the Virtual Program and the Responsive Learning Plan will have more live instruction this year.  More than half their time in most cases will be live classes.  Teachers will define expectations for class participation in the live sessions as well as independent assignments and provide meaningful feedback.  In addition, we'll use the Canvas management system for teachers and students.  We have also changed the structure of the day by moving to a 4X4 system in which a student takes four classes, rather than seven, each semester.

    What is a 4X4 schedule?
    This year, with the 4X4 schedule at the high school, students will take four classes that will last either one quarter or one semester.  Year long courses will be taught in a semester term; semester courses in one quarter.  Classes will run approximately 90 minutes each day, with periods for learning support as well.

    Why did the high school choose a 4x4 schedule?
    We'd investigated different ways to structure the school day and learned that the 4x4 schedule has proven to be less stressful for students, who are only responsible for four classes a semester rather then seven.  In addition, it adapts them to all modes of teaching, whether it be virtual, hybrid or fully in-person.  It allows us time to provide learning support and resoures for students in a concentrated number of classes as well as more time for independent or group work and les time for transitions between classes.  Should we return to in-person learning, it also gives us more ability to maintain stable groups and assist potential contract tracing if needed.

    What if a course my student wants isn't offered?
    We are making great efforts to provide as many courses that students want taught by WGHS staff but have a more limited number of offerings this year in the effort to staff both virtual and responsive settings.  We do have the Launch program and the virtual platform Edgenuity to fill in gaps and meet needs when a particular course isn't offered here.





Last Modified on November 24, 2020