Virtual Program

  • What if I change my mind about having my child attend online learning? Can that child attend in-person classes? What if I change my mind and want my child to switch to online learning from in-person classes?
    We are asking that families commit for an entire semester in either the Virtual Program or the Responsive Learning Plan.

    If we move from the Virtual Program to the Responsive Learning Plan at the semester, will our student have the same teacher? 
    If you switch from one format to another, you'll be assigned a different teacher, since teachers in the Virtual Program won't be moving.

    What does “virtual learning” mean?
    For the purpose of this plan, “virtual learning” means instruction in which the student and instructor are in different locations all of the time. Methods could include online instruction on a learning management system (Canvas), phone calls, emails, video conferencing and/or other means of communication. If enrolled in the WGSD Virtual Program, your student will engage in all learning in this manner, with coursework overseen and provided by certifed WGSD staff.


    Are you capping virtual classrooms? 

    Our goal has always been to maintain class sizes for the virtual program relative to class sizes for in person. This is one of the reasons we required families to commit to the RLP or WGSD Virtual Plan for the semester.  We will continue to be mindful of class sizes in each program for the second semester. 

    Is having students in elementary special programs (such as WINGS) meet via computer from their gen ed classroom during instruction the best solution? Students won't be able to participate without disrupting their gen ed peers.

    We are looking at all options (including virtual instruction) in order to minimize student exposure and risk.  This could look like some pull out programs are conducted virtually and some are conducted through in-person.  

    How will virtual learning be different between this past spring and this coming fall?
    In this model, students will follow a consistent daily schedule. Virtual learning will take place within a learning management system known as Canvas. The virtual learning opportunities that are offered will include a combination of “live” virtual learning instruction from the teacher and support during independent tasks. In addition, teachers will provide meaningful feedback to students designed to move their learning forward. Full participation is necessary for attendance requirements and grading policies will apply to the WGSD Virtual Program.

    Will my student in the WGSD Virtual Learning Program receive instruction from a teacher at our assigned building?
    If you select virtual, your student will receive instruction from a district teacher dedicated to virtual learning, not necessarily a teacher associated with your attendance area school.

    Will my student still be considered enrolled in their current school if they participate in the WGSD Virtual Program?

    Will I be notified if my child does not participate as expected in virtual school meetings and assignments?
    Yes. Communication in an online course is incredibly important and teachers will reach out if a student is not participating. If a student continues to not participate the counselor, principal, or assistant principal will be reaching out as well.

    Will attendance be taken in the WGSD Virtual Program?

    Can students who have an IEP or 504 enroll in the WGSD Virtual Program?
    Yes. When parents choose the virtual learning option for their child, school teams will meet to review the student's IEP to determine how to provide services virtually. A plan then will be created to implement the student's services to the maximum extent possible.

    I am concerned about the amount of screen time for my child. How will this be addressed?
    Because we also are concerned about screen time for students, we will strive to implement measures to limit their screen time. While there is scheduled time dedicated for particular learning, that does not mean students will always be on their device the entire time.

    If a high school senior doesn't need to take a full course load to graduate, would he or she have the flexibility to sign up for only a few courses in the Virtual Program?

    Why should all-virtual students receive less instruction time than they are currently when the choice was made at the outset of the semester? 

    At our secondary levels, some teachers are split between the WGSD Virtual Program and the District Responsive Learning Plan.  This means that teacher and student schedules for both the WGSD Virtual Program and the District Responsive Learning Plan have to operate in tandem.  

    Is all teaching in the Virtual Program coming through the Launch Program?
    No, our teachers will teach students in the Virtual Program unless a student wants a course that we don't offer, and Launch does.

    How much adult help will students in the Virtual Program need?
    That will depend on the age of the children and the children themselves. We are working to try to establish routines that will allow students to be as independent as possible.

    Will the district do something to help students in the Virtual Program feel part of a community?

    One of our priorities for students in the Virtual Program is to make community-building a priority at the beginning and throughout the experience. We hope to bring students together in person for some type of activity, as well, observing social distancing and face covering guidelines.

    What are the metrics for the district to decide to open with virtual learning only?
    Currently, we don't have metrics from the county Public Health Department. We are working on developing metrics now, based on what some states are using.

    Will you keep classmates from the elementaries together in the Virtual Program? Will a student in the Virtual Program have teachers from their home school?
    We will try to do that, but it may not always be possible.

    Will students in the Virtual Program see each other online and be able to talk, interact, etc.?

    Will the district address concerns about the amount of screen time students will have in the Virtual Program?
    Yes, particularly for elementary, we are building in plenty of breaks and activities to reduce time in front of a screen.

    Would the Virtual Program operate during the same hours as the in-person program?
    Yes. Older students, however, will have some built-in time for independent work and could start their day later if they wished.

    Will the lessons in the Virtual Program be recorded?
    We are talking about archiving the lessons.

    How will you check on the social/emotional needs of students in the Virtual Program?
    We are partnering with the Alive and Well program to support both students and adults with social and emotional needs.

    Is WGSD prepared if we have to go all-virtual?

    Does the district prefer that a family choose the Virtual Program if they can manage it, to allow more space in the buildings for those students who need to be there in person?

    Families can consider that if they wish.

    Will High School and Hixson students in the Virtual Program have access to all courses?
    Probably not. We will provide as many as we can. Once the course offerings are final, you can review them and decide whether you want to switch from virtual to in-person. You can also consider using Launch for any courses we don't offer.

    Will gifted programs be offered virtually?
    Project Plus (Gifted Education) will still be provided in the WGSD Virtual Program. We are still determining specific schedules and staffing for the program, but we will provide gifted education in the virtual program.


Last Modified on November 24, 2020