Responsive Learning

  • What is the Responsive Learning Plan?  How does it differ from the Virtual Program?  Will they be the same when both are in the virtual format?  Will both use Canvas?
    The Responsive Learning Plan consists of three different phases: in-person, a hybrid combination of hybrid and virtual, and completely virtual.  By participating in the Responsive Learning Plan you are opting to participate in the phase the district deems is appropriate at that time.  For example, the entire district is opening in the virtual phase.  The WGSD Virtual Program allows families who know they want the virtual option regardless, to determine now that they want to participate in a Virtual Program, regardless of what the rest of the district is doing.  Yes, the schedule for the virtual phase of the Responsive Learning Plan and the Virtual Program are the same.  Both will be using Canvas.

    In-Person Classroom
    Social distancing will be a major component of the in-person classroom.  We will continue to use paper, pencils, etc. as needed and utilize technology to supplement within the in-person situation.  We are currently working to determine physical needs in each classroom, such as desks, etc.  Our goal is provide as much as individualized support as possible in the setting, however, the environment and structure of the classroom will be different than what it has been in the past.

    Will my child have the same class assignment and teacher?
    Not necessarily. Depending on staffing needs, you may not have the teacher your child was assigned last spring.

    Will you have dividers between students?
    No, we will have physical distancing and require face coverings

    Will you have room in the schools for distancing when you offer in-person classes?
    Yes, with about 34 percent of families choosing the Virtual Program so far, we will have sufficient space.

    Will the students in the in-person format do most of their classwork on a computer?

    Will you be using the windowless classrooms in some buildings for the in-person format?
    We will examine each classroom space regarding ventilation and lack of windows in some rooms and if possible get students into classrooms with windows.

    What will class sizes be?
    They will be smaller than what they were last year, and we will take in account the size of the classrooms. We will be mindful of allowing space for physical distancing. Our goal is to have the smallest number of students in a space as possible.

    Will elementary students stay in their room all day? What will happen with specials? What will happen at lunch?
    We plan to form cohorts of students to minimize contacts following health guidelines. Specials teachers will come to the classrooms. The school day will include breaks and as much time outdoors as possible. Students will have lunch in their classrooms.

    How will pick up and drop off work?
    We are working on plans for this. We will use different doors in the buildings and will follow guidelines for social distancing and face coverings.

    Will students be allowed to interact in the classroom when they return to in-person learning? 

    Yes, the students will be allowed to interact with one another and their teacher.  The in-person classroom environment will be different and there will be some adjustment to classroom practices in response to our safety and health guidelines. Students will be able to interact with their peers, but face coverings and social distancing guidelines will be followed.  

    As we transition to second semester,  what will the district do if more students choose to return to school? 

    Families will be asked to decide between the Responsive Learning Plan and WGSD Virtual Program for the second semester. In some circumstances, adjustments to classes and course assignments will need to be made in support of the smallest class sizes possible. 

    Will Hixson and High School students still be changing rooms for each class?
    We are working on plans to keep groups of students together as much as possible and minimize the number of transitions to different classrooms.

    Will students be able to play with each other during recess?
    Cohorts of children who stay together during the day can play with each other at recess.

    Will you have enough space at Hixson, with construction going on?

    Will you have cohort groups at Hixson and the High School to minimize contacts?
    That is a challenge. We are looking into that and how to limit contacts.

    How will teachers be expected to offer simultaneous instruction to students in class as well as those who may be under quarantine at any given time? 

    At this point, teachers are not expected to teach students in both settings at the exact same time.

    Are there any changes to programming at the WAFC as a result of the 6-12th grade students in the District Responsive Learning Plan returning to in-person learning at this time?

    No, there is not.

    Virtual Program
    What will a day "look like" in the virtual program? Can we see an example of the daily schedule?

    In the virtual program, our goal is 50% live virtual instruction with the teacher and the remaining 50% of the time will include a combination of independent tasks. We are the process of drafting sample schedules for the community. In doing so, we are being mindful of including time for breaks and lunch in the student schedule. 

    If my child is in the Virtual Program will he or she be taught by a teacher our home school?
    Not necessarily. Your child will be taught by a teacher from our district but may not be from your school.

    Under the Virtual Program and the virtual learning format of the Responsive Learning Plan, how long will students be expected to be doing school, either online or independently? How much of the school work will be available for students to do on their own schedule and how much of it will need to be done at a time scheduled by the teacher?

    In the virtual program, our goal is 50% live virtual instruction with the teacher and the remaining 50% of the time will include a combination of independent tasks. We are the process of drafting sample schedules for the community. In doing so, we are being mindful of including time for breaks and lunch in the student schedule.

    I understand that for the hybrid option Wednesdays are virtual learning for everyone. What about the days the students are at home when their classmates in the other half of the alphabet are in person? For example, if my child attends school in person Tuesday and Friday, I know there is self directed asynchronous learning on Wednesdays, but on Monday and Friday would my child have something similar to Wednesdays?
    In the current hybrid model, 2 days of the week students will be in school with in-person learning. The other three days will be asynchronous learning. One of the three asynchronous days will include teacher office hours to provide individual student support.

    Can I choose the hybrid format up front?
    No, the district will determine whether the hybrid format is used.

    Will students have access to their teachers on days they aren't in the school?
    No, because the teacher will be teaching another group of students. They can email the teacher if they need additional help. We are also looking into setting up "help desks" that students can access for assistance.

    Will the district send home packets for elementary students to work on during at home days?
    Yes, children may receive packets to take home, especially on reading and writing.

    Could students who are in the hybrid learning format tune in somehow to their teacher's in person instruction, on the days that they are at home?
    To allow a student to tune in from home to in-person lessons would require devices that we don't have at this time.


Last Modified on November 24, 2020