Learning formats

  • Who will decide if my child is going to attend school virtually?
    Families may elect to participate in the WGSD Virtual Program prior to the start of the year. Prior to and after the start of the year, the district may choose to place all students in a virtual program.

    What does “hybrid school” mean for elementary, middle and high school students?
    A hybrid model consists of 2 days of in-person learning within the school building and 3 days of virtual learning experiences. On in-person days students will follow all health and safety protocols which could include face coverings, hand washing/sanitizing routines, and social distancing while in the school building. Students will follow an A/B schedule for in-person learning based on the last name of each family. Participation is necessary for attendance requirements and grading policies will apply to a hybrid model of in-person and virtual learning. 

    How large will my child’s class be?
    We will look to make our class sizes as small as possible, and will make sure we’re in line with local health guidelines.

    Will my children remain in their assigned classes regardless of class sizes, class offerings, etc.?
    Class and teacher assignments will be fluid in order to ensure class sizes are as small as possible.

    What is the plan for preschool at the Walter Ambrose Family Center?
    The opening of the Walter Ambrose Family Center has been delayed temporarily.
    How will grading be handled for each learning format and learning schedule?
    Grading will work as it did prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Grading and expectations will be the same regardless of the learning option families choose and will stay consistent even if we have to move between plans.

    Will the curriculum be the same for each learning experience?
    Yes. Curriculum goals, outcomes for students, grading and student expectations will remain the same, regardless of which option families choose or which plan WGSD implements.

    Will course offerings be impacted?
    While the WGSD will offer the necessary courses to meet graduation requirements, WGHS course choice offerings may be impacted at some level.

    Which format do the teachers prefer, virtual or in-person? Were teachers involved in the planning?

    Yes, teachers participated in the planning process. They are split between the two formats.

    If a student who is in the in-person format has to quarantine, could he or she participate in the Virtual Program?

    If someone is quarantining, his or her teacher would make sure that that student has the assignments covered, just like when a student missed lessons in the past.

    Will the cuts in state funding hurt WGSD programming?

    The district has taken an $800,000 hit at this point and will lose additional funding this school year, however by using our resources wisely, we can continue offering excellent education for all students.

    Will band, orchestra and choir electives be available?

    That is being determined.

    If I chose virtual programming on the survey for my high school student but want to move to in-person because of the course offerings, can I do that.
    Yes, but please do that as soon as possible.

    Will there be supply lists for the learning formats?

    Yes. We are working on that.

    Will the new start times for schools be in effect?

    We are currently determining that.

    Could the entire district go virtual at any point in the semester?


    Can you tell us what high school electives will be offered?

    We will be able to share that information soon.

    Will you be taking school programs, lunch etc. outdoors?

    We plan to be outside as much as we can, always mindful of health and safety guidelines.

    Will all of the High School AP courses be offered in all learning formats?
    The High School is working on what courses will be offered. If a particular AP class isn't available, students can access it through the Launch program.

    Will children be graded this year?


    Will the gifted programs be provided in both the Responsive Learning and Virtual programs?


    Can we choose different formats for each of the children in our family?


    With these different formats, will we see more and more students getting further and further behind?

    Our curriculum staff is currently noting which content and skills our students need to progress so we can incorporate it this year.

    Will our students meet academic benchmarks so they can go on to the next level successfully?

    We are working on this and plan to assess students, so we know where they are and what they need.

    Will there be meet and greet the teacher events this year?

    We will schedule these if they can be done safely.

    At what point in the semester would we need to inform the school that we wish to change in the next semester from one format to another?

    We haven't determined that yet.


    What was the percentages of people who chose virtual program and responsive learning?

    73 percent chose the responsive plan; 27 percent the Virtual Program


    Why did the district host these Q & A Sessions after asking families to decide between the Responsive Learning Plan and WGSD Virtual Program?


    We asked families to make a choice so that district’s could support WGSD asked families to make a choice so that the district can provide as much as possible for the students in the formats they’ve chosen. The goal is to support students in taking the classes they want and in the format they want. To do that, we need families to declare whether they want their children in the Virtual Program or Responsive Learning (which will start virtually). Once we have that information, administrators will spend the bulk of next week trying to create student schedules that most closely match what they registered for in the spring. This involves looking at the number of teachers who are scheduled or might teach the class, varying needs of teachers who need to teach in either or both settings (with the thought that we might return to in person classes in Oct.).


    Why not offer only virtual this semester, and put all resources into in, without the Reponsive Learning choice?

    Because we believe in-person learning is best for children and we hope to be able to transition to in-person eventually this year.


    Why didn’t the district seek more input from parents and others about the academic needs of our children if there was such a strong learning toward all virtual for at least nine weeks?  We were told the leaning was for a hybrid model.  Why weren’t we asked what our most important priorities were if we went online (such as flexibility with school day, availability of electives, one on one time with teachers, etc.)?  The district has made a choice that over 60 percent of parents didn’t want.

    I don’t believe the district had a strong leaning toward virtual. In fact earlier in the summer, it looked as though we might have been able to offer some type of in-person learning. Unfortunately, the health data took a turn for the worse and the district had to move accordingly.  Regarding parent feedback, we did survey families at the end of last school year and feel we have a good handle on what worked and what didn’t.  As far as 60 percent opposing a virtual opening, that may not accurately reflect parental responses. They were asked to choose between an Virtual Program or the Responsive Plan, which might open in-person classes, depending on public health guidelines.








Last Modified on September 17, 2020