• New Year, New Opportunities with the Chelsea Center!

     Explore the career paths of your dreams through the Chelsea Center this year. Partners in the community are seeking students like you to add value to their organizations, so check the Chelsea Center website frequently for new opportunities.

    Interested? Email Dr. Arens and Ms. Willenborg at arens.kerry@wgmail.org and willenborg.jennifer@wgcloud.org.

Current Opportunities

  • To learn more about current opportunities, students can go to wgsd.givepulse.com, our online tool for sharing experiential learning opportunities and for logging service hours. Students must use their school Gmail account to access GivePulse.

See Below for a List of Past Opportunities




    St. Louis Art Lots Project

    The St. Louis Art Lots (an initiative from the St. Louis Arts Chamber of Commerce)  is transforming vacant lots across the city by activating them with art.  This project brings communities together, addresses policy issues, and creates pain opportunities for local artists. They are currently partnering with Seven Together Along Delmar to focus on redeveloping vacant lots along the new Hodiamont Greenway (formerly Hodiamont Track) walking and biking path (don't by Great Rivers Greenway).  These lots will be transformed into art parks with gardens, public art installations, and community gathering spaces.



    Sierra Club

    The Sierra Club is a national, charitable organization that focuses on community (grassroots) organizing with an electoral arm that includes lobbyists, political work and electoral work (following, supporting and helping to pass bills to become legislation).  Their work is divided into 4 priorities:

    1. Move to renewable energy and transition away from fossil fuels. Includes the Beyond Coal Initiative.

    2. Conservation work (conserving waterways, air, land, people, wildlife, etc)

    3. Act for Justice - Sierra club campaigned and lobbied for: for the Fight for $15, Medicaid Expansion and Fair Voting Maps during redistricting.

    4. Get Outdoors Campaign which does:

      1. Trail Maintenance and other service opportunities

      2. Volunteers lead outings for a small or nominal fee.

    They will support high school interns and are open to any term (fall/spring/summer) but some experiences are restricted to certain timelines. Experiences could include:


    1. Legislative/Lobbying internships 

      1. The legislative sessions occurs January - May, so there would have to be a spring internship.   Learn about the process by which a bill becomes law. This could include lobbying days where they go to Jefferson City and talk to elected officials or talking/lobbying elected officials locally.  Students could practice writing fact sheets about bills and learn how to engage constituents and attend in-district meetings.

    2. They could also be involved in elections (mostly summer and fall). 

      1. Researching what candidates to endorse and how you support candidates through canvassing

    3. Communication/Marketing

      1. Assist in a website redesign

      2. Creating and running gift campaigns on social media (St. Louis Give Day is run entirely by interns.)

      3. Social media marketing.

    4. Grant Writing


    Previous Internship Opportunities for 2020:

    • Webster Groves School District Foundation (Emily G., 2020) Social media, marketing, graphic design work as well as nonprofit management
    • Neighbors of Webster Groves (Lydia U., 2020) Content creation, interviewing, and other journalistic skills and publishing skills.
    • WGSD Communications and Alumni Office (Gracie H. 2020) Content creation, interviewing, marketing, graphic design work, and other journalistic skills 
    • Plantricious Social Media Intern (Hannah G., Madeleine C., and Brett K., 2020)  Assist the team with creating new ways to reach the community through social media, as well as give input on exciting new recipes and meal themes. Explore digital marketing skills & learn more about business operation. 
    • Wonder & Wise Design Internship (Oriana F., Summer 2020) Toy design and production
    • Representative Unsicker Political Internship (Logan S. & Zoe D., Summer 2020) Volunteer management, research, content creation
    • Digital Strike Marketing Internship (Hunter & Chase W., Summer 2020) Observing pitches, creating proposals, learning to build reporting dashboards, observed copywriters, designers, programmers, and helping with payroll.
    • County Tire & Auto (Yoakum) observed mechanics and gained hands-on experience in diagnosing and treating mechanical problems

    Previous Internship Opportunities for 2019:

    • Osteoarthritis Lab (Fiona C.) Learned day to day medical laboratory skills 
    • Novel Neighbor (Aryka C.) Organization, ordering, events management
    • Family Forward (Tanys G.) Social work skills
    • Washington University Microbiology Labs (Lilly O. and Alex S.) Microbiology labs skills; Alex's focus was on circadian rhythms
    • Plantricious (Kylie S.) worked on social media development
    • Biden Campaign & Schupp Campaign (Patrick L.) Virtual door-knocking for both campaigns
    • Apex Physical Therapy (Mary Claire W.) worked on patient follow-up and developing online tools for use during the pandemic
    • Chelsea Center Interns (Bridget N., Madi M.) worked on social media as well as service learning event development
    • WGSD Communications (Ainsley M.) Content creation, interviewing, marketing, graphic design work, and other journalistic skills 
    • Sunrise Senior Center (Gwen F.) worked with arts director, organized flowers, planned events
    • NYC Theatre Internship (Elizabeth T.) performed in various plays in NYC
    • Yearbook Interns (Bryce W., Maddie B., Allison W.) Yearbook editors