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Offline Games

  • Compare Addition - (Addition Fact Practice)
    This game is similar to the game “war”, except player draw 2 cards and add them together.

    Salute! - (Addition & Subtraction Fact Practice)
    This fun activity is made for groups of three. You will be using mental math strategies to find sums and differences.

    Oh No! 99! - (Addition within 100)

    First to Zero - (Subtraction and Place Value within 100)

    Close to 20 - (Addition within 20)

    Close to 100 - (Addition within 100)

    Acing Math - (Multiple Operations) 60 Additional Math Games using only a deck of cards!

    Pepperoni Pizza - (Repeated Addition) This game builds children’s ability to add repeatedly, which will lead to their ability to multiply in Grade 3. Encourage children to write repeated addition sentences.