WGSD Preparedness

  • As we move forward with the school year, it remains our hope to return safely to in-person instruction at some level. The importance of in-person learning cannot be overstated, nor can the negative effects and inequities stemming from school closures. Safety, of course, remains our first priority. 

    Over the past few months, WGSD administrators have continued to collaborate regularly with superintendents, medical professionals and health experts. We have identified, reviewed, and assessed a series of community health indicators to help determine when it would be appropriate for students to return to school. The metrics are

    • Regional Transmission Rate - The viral transmission rate is the average number of people that one infected person is likely to infect in a population without any immunity or interventions. A low transmission rate means less risk to individuals. The community target is 1.00 or less. 
    • Test Positivity Rate - This is the percentage of all tests performed that are positive. The desirable level is less than five percent of tests coming back positive.
    • Seven-Day Average of New Daily Case Rates - This is a seven-day moving average of daily new cases per 100,000. The desired level is less than one case per 100,000 population.
    • Fourteen-day Comparison of Change in New Cases - This comparison reflects the long-term changes in new cases over a two-week period here. 
    • New Diagnoses by Age Group - The district is reviewing the rate of cases by age group, per 100,000 population. Currently the lowest rate of cases is among children nine years old and under.


    For greater detail, see St. Louis County's COVID Resouce page here, and the State of Missouri's COVID resources here.


    What Can I Do to Help?

    Please be sure to follow the guidelines set by the St. Louis County Public Health Department: Wear a face covering in public places, maintain social distancing, wash your hands and stay home when you don't feel well. Please do your part to help improve the numbers in St. Louis County so that children can return to in-person learning.

    If you have thoughts or comments on how we can improve community health, please click the tab on the right side of this page.






Last Modified on September 10, 2020