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    The iDEA committee met on September 16th to begin planning dynamic PD opportunities for the 2019-2020 school year. For more information about the mission and goals of iDEA, please visit our website: iDEA website.

    For more information about iDEA at the building level, please reach out your representative listed below:

    2019-2020 Members of District

    Professional Development Committee

        • Avery             Alexis Caruso (2019-2022)
        • Bristol            Sara Wichard (2017-2020)
        • Clark              Emilie Garwitz (2017-2020)
        • AFC                Beth Rieder (2017-2020)
        • Edgar Road     Samantha Eagan (2018-2021) 
        • Hudson           Danielle Zuroweste (2019-2022) 
        • SSD               Joy Yowell (2017-2020)                 
        • Steger            Chantell Mason (2018-2021)
        • Givens           Nancy Kroes (2017-2020)
        • Hixson            Ferrell Roddy (2019-2022) 
        • Hixson            Ashley Porter (2017-2020)
        • WGHS            Tamara Rodney (2018-2021)
        • WGHS            Emily Pott (2018-2021)
        • Support Staff  Elaine Hartmann (2017-2020)
        • Coordinator    Tim Brown (2017-2020)
        • Central Office  Pat Weaver (2017-2020)

    What's iDEA up to?

    •    POP-UP PD

    Book Image Join us for our Podcast and Ponder Event!
    When: Wednesday, October 23, 3:45-5pm
    Where: Blackburn Park Center Pavilion (MAP)
    What: Meet at the pavilion to learn about some favorite education podcasts:
    1. Choose a podcast.
    2. Walk and listen.
    3. Meet back and share.
    Bring: Walking clothes and shoes, earbuds, a device for podcast listening, and a FRIEND!


    • EdCamp
      Want a say in this year's Ed Camp sessions? Check your email and complete the iDEA EdCamp Survey by September 30th.


    Grant Opportunities:

    1. The Webster Groves School District iDEA Committee has developed a grant to support professional learning that enables teachers to implement innovative practices designed to enhance learning for all students.  The purpose is not to supplement available general operating funds, but to provide money for a worthwhile project that would not otherwise be funded by the Webster Groves School District.
      Application available upon request (see your building iDEA representative or visit the iDEA's website)

    2. The WGSD Foundation awards two kinds of grants: Major Grants (from $1,001 to $15,000) and mini-grants (up to $1,000).   These applications are available at www.wgsdfoundation.org.  All applications must be signed off by the principal and directly submitted to info@wgsdfoundation.org.  

      • September 4th: Grant Workshop to ask questions and discuss grant ideas with WGSDF Grant Committee - WGSD Service Center - 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm
      • October 7 or Before: All Preliminary Grant Questionnaires due
      • November 20th: All grant applications due (mini and major)
      • End of January: Grants reviewed
      • February: Grants awarded

    3. Teachers are encouraged to seek out building level parent support for other potential grant opportunities.

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