• Firms will provide a statement of Company qualifications including:

    • The name of the firm as well as a brief description of its business activities and history.
    • Information on how long the firm has been in business and length of its experience in GIS-related
      projects for public school districts.
    • Identify the firm’s professional staff members who specifically will be assigned to this contract, the
      experience each possesses, and the location of the office from which they work.Provide a biographyand/or resume outlining the experience and credentials of all such staff members.

    In their statement, Firms will detail their experience in the following areas:

    • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) (Creation of maps and analysis that visualizes what is happening in the District).
    • Statistical analysis (proven ability to provide projections on a geographic level).
    • Presenting reliable demographics data.
    • Educational K‐12 planning (capacity, educational programming, site analysis, etc.).

    In their statement, Firms will provide evidence that:

    • The Firm has a proven track record with accurate enrollment analysis.
    • Provide documentation of valid professional liability insurance.
    • Provide a listing and description of similar Enrollment-Demographic Studies and/or projects awarded with other organizations giving dates of service within the past five years.
    • Provide an overview of disclaimers associated with the report.
    • Provide at least three client references from similar school district projects - include contact names, email addresses and telephone numbers.

    In their statement, Firms will provide:

    • A thorough description of its understanding of the project and the proposed technical, public engagement and management approach it would utilize.
    • Any additional information that would distinguish your firm in its service to the District.

    In their statement, Firms will not provide:

    • Cost or fee information with the statement of qualifications.